The Russian Embassy responded to the State Department’s material about “filtration camps”

The Russian Embassy in the United States. Washington. Archive photo

The U.S. state Department continues to spread false information about “Moscow filtration camps” in the DNI and involvement in the destruction of civilian objects in the LC to discredit the operation, said the Russian Embassy in Washington.

Earlier, the state Department launched the project Conflict Observatory has published a material in which, with reference to “researchers” of Yale University, argued that the Russian military was created on the territory of the Donetsk people’s Republic over 20 of the filtration camps, allegedly used for interrogation and detention of Ukrainian citizens and prisoners of war.

“The Department of state continues to broadcast the speculation about supposedly created us in DNR “filtration camps”, as well as the involvement of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to the destruction of educational, medical and cultural facilities in the LC. This is another fake, aimed at discrediting the Russian military operation,” said the Embassy.

The Embassy noted that Moscow is committed to compliance with international law, to respect the civilian population and no strikes on civilian infrastructure. In addition, Russia restores social objects that were destroyed as a result of “inhumane actions of the Kiev regime,” said the diplomats.