Zelensky predicted the most difficult winter in history for Ukrainians

President of Ukraine Zelensky called the coming winter the most difficult in history because of the gas supply of oil and gas to Europe:

The coming winter will be the most difficult in the history of Ukraine due to high gas prices. This was predicted by the country’s President Vladimir Zelensky, RIA Novosti reports.

He called the situation when the cost of a thousand cubic meters of gas exceeded $ 3,300 “very dangerous and very acute.”

On August 18, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal announced that Canada would provide financial assistance to Ukraine. “Another step of solidarity from Canada. Ukraine will receive 450 million Canadian dollars (about 350 million US dollars — approx. “Tapes.) assistance for the purchase of gas for the heating season,” the politician said.

In July, Verkhovna Rada deputy Dmitry Razumkov said that the confiscation of Russian gas is a “legitimate duty” of Ukraine. At the same time, he suggested not to pay attention to the contracts concluded between Russia and Europe.

Later, the parliamentarian suggested stealing transit gas and selling it to Europe. He explained that “up to the border with Europe is Russian gas,” and you can ignore gas supply agreements between Russia and European countries.