A British man who left his wife for a refugee from Ukraine will go with her to her homeland

The flag at the Consulate-General of Ukraine. Archive photo

A UK resident Anthony Garnett, who had abandoned his wife for settled at the house of a Ukrainian refugee, is going to go to Ukraine, the newspaper Yorkshire live.

The story of Briton Anthony Garnett has gained attention in the media due to the fact that he is the father of two children, left his wife in 10 days after in the framework of the state program for the admission of refugees to them inhabited the 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee Sofia Charchadim.

According to the newspaper, the life of Garnett since then, much has changed. Tony said that due to the newfound popularity, he almost lost earnings. Security firm that he headed, had contracts with the National health service of Britain, but because of paparazzi, constantly troubled of the hospital staff, the service decided to terminate the contracts. In the media have even reported that Garnett is planning to pursue a music career and record a rap about their relationship.

In addition, a refugee from Ukraine who stole Garnett, partially blind: on the way to Britain, she contracted an infection that resulted in partial blindness. Garnett said that he was forced to leave everything and to look for the girl.

He now plans to collect 10 thousand pounds of aid to Ukraine and go there to see those he helps. “I want to raise money for people who are caring for orphans, and for those who were injured. I want to go there and fix who I help. Sofia come with me,” said Garnett edition.

After retiring from his wife Garnett sheltered in the house where he lives with Charchadim, two refugees from the Ukraine.