The Ministry of Defense intends to provide payments to the families of volunteers who died in the SVO

The defense Ministry has developed a draft Federal law on pensions of members of the families of volunteers who were killed or died during the RAID in Ukraine.

Information on the preparation of the document posted Thursday on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

“The draft Federal law has been prepared pursuant to the decision of the President of the Russian Federation of July 20, 2022, in terms of pension for loss of breadwinner of the family members of the victims (dead) citizens who voluntarily performed the task in the ongoing Russian military operations in Ukraine, Donetsk national Republic and Lugansk people’s Republic, the calculation of which must be carried out by analogy to members of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the description of the bill.

There explained that the proposed law will apply to disabled members of the families of volunteers.

All the bill has not yet been published, so it is now “public discussions are held concerning the text of the draft regulatory legal act and an independent anti-corruption expertise.”

Provided that the public comment will be held from 25 August to 8 September 2022.

“The planned commencement of draft regulatory legal act in force January 2023” — said in a project description.