Kosachev: there is a possibility that Kiev will use the developments of biological laboratories

Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev. Archive photo

Ukraine is in a situation of the country who give up their positions, in these circumstances, it cannot be excluded that Kiev can use the achievements of the US biological laboratories for sabotage in the liberated territories of Russia, told RIA Novosti Deputy speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.”As noted in well-known theory: if a gun on stage is present, it must go off. If there are technologies the development of biological weapons, if you have practical skills to ensure that these technologies to use in practice, there is no guarantee that they will not be used in practice. Moreover, when Ukraine increasingly finds itself in a situation of a country that is losing its way,” said Kosachev, answering the question whether there are risks that Ukraine can use the achievements of the US biological laboratories for sabotage in the liberated territories.

“To exclude anything. While we are talking about dual-use technology when it is very difficult to trace, that is, the whole chain and all these chain of causality carefully masked. Because Americans are “spread out” all these work on the 300 laboratories that they are in the world, of which more than three decades acting or acted on the territory of Ukraine,” – said Kosachev.

According to him, in the case of the American network of biological laboratories “every single element of the research seems to be looks fairly harmless, safe and not inconsistent with BWC”.”But to bring together the whole puzzle and the fact that this puzzle is deliberately laid out by the components of the organizers, there is no doubt – and so to assemble it back together all the disparate pieces of the puzzle – this is the goal pursued by our parliamentary Commission”, – said Vice-speaker of the Federation Council.

Earlier Kosachev told RIA Novosti that the next meeting of the parliamentary Commission on the activities of the biological laboratories of the USA in Ukraine will be held in September, in the work there has been “significant progress”.

The Russian defense Ministry had earlier made a presentation, which shows that the US has spent more than $ 200 million on the activity of biological laboratories in Ukraine, which participated in the American military-biological program.

Russia in connection with the biological facts of military activities in Ukraine, the US does not rule out launching a consultation mechanism under the Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons Convention (BTWC), said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lizzani, commenting on the US-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine, urged Washington to clarify its activity in the biological militarization in the country and abroad.