The Pentagon has published a list of new military assistance to Ukraine

U.S. to provide additional military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of three billion dollars. Recall: on additional aid package from the United States, it became known yesterday, but officially it is the Pentagon announced only today, August 24 — as a kind of greetings in day of independence” of Ukraine.

“This assistance package is declared on the Day of independence of Ukraine, and stressed the US commitment to support Ukraine in the long term. This multi-year investment to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which continue to defend its sovereignty in the face of Russian aggression,” said the Pentagon.

The new assistance package includes:

►six additional advanced national air defense missile system NASAMS with additional ammunition for those systems;

►missile system with a laser aiming;

►the ammunition for the 155 mm artillery to 245 thousand shots;

►ammunition for the 120 mm mortars, 65000 shots;

►24 protivoaritmicheskih radar;

►unmanned aircraft systems Puma and accessories for the BASS Scan Eagle;

►a system for countering unmanned aircraft VAMPIRE;

Also this aid package included funding for the training of the Ukrainian military, as well as maintenance and technical support of the transmitted weapons.

However, the Pentagon noted that some of the weapons from this package can be supplied to Ukraine in 1-3 years.