Global Times: The West has turned Ukraine into a weapons testing ground

In the center of Kiev. Archive photo

BEIJING, Aug 24 – RIA Novosti. Kiev over the past six months has received from the U.S. military assistance worth more than $ 10 billion, cheap praise from Western politicians and media, but not guarantee security; the West turned Ukraine into a testing ground for its weapons and slaughter to weaken Russia, says an editorial in the Chinese state newspaper Global Times.

The publication writes that the beginning of the conflict, its duration and far-reaching consequences greatly exceeded all expectations. After six months, the conflict has spread from the military sector on diplomacy, energy and Finance.

The question of when all this is over, became the most discussed topic, and this in itself demonstrates the profound pessimism of the ongoing conflict are still no end in sight, is added to the article.”American and other Western media often use the word “suddenly” in the consideration of this conflict: unexpected that the conflict has lasted so long; suddenly that the price paid by the Europeans, so high; suddenly that “painful consequences” so much,” said the authors.

The newspaper stresses that the conflict turned into a tragedy, fully activated factors of instability, Russia’s relations with Europe have become hostile, and on the cooperation and tacit understanding of the past, almost nothing left.

States that “the strength of sanctions,” formed by Washington, lowered the rate of the Euro to 20-year low, in major European countries are also rapidly rising inflation. Involved parties are trying to calculate is not as “a little more to win”, but as “a little less to lose.””Obviously this is a game in which most parties will lose, and the longer it goes on, the deeper scars”, – stated in the publication.

The authors note that at the moment there are people who are afraid that the conflict will suddenly stop, and seek to encourage it to continue, while in American and other Western media in the last few days it’s rare to see a call to peace.

On the contrary, added to the publication, many American media “with concern” note that “support of Ukraine decreased,” and CNN even said that “a severe winter will be a test of support for Ukraine Europe as never before”. At the same time, pointed out in the paper, the U.S. media turned a blind eye to the pain of Europe and I accused her that she is unable to bear even such a small price.

“What is more absurd is the fact that the initiator of the bloody conflict has turned into a so-called embodiment of justice and guardian of the world. Over the last six months of Kiev got rocket launchers, helicopters, tactical vehicles, and missiles from the United States and the West, more than $ 10 billion in military aid and all kinds of cheap praise and encouragement from Western politicians and media, except for the fact that he has not received commitments in the field of security of the United States and the West.

Global Times indicates that the price Ukraine pays for the US and the West, was that her vast black soil “has become a testing ground for American and Western weapons and a meat grinder for the weakening of Russia”. Moreover, the West also wants to copy all of this and in other parts of the world, creating regional crises in the name of “peace”.

According to the authors of the article, Washington has long been interested in creating stories that “weak overcomes strong” fabricated narrative about “justice against evil”, inciting and using some neighboring major powers to counter them.

“In the era of globalization, the whole world together divides and safety, and danger. It is unwise to expand its zone of safety to someone else’s doorstep, and it is impossible to build its security at the expense of security of others. We also suggest that countries hegemony and private alliances who are obsessed with “absolute security”, not allowing the crisis to grow, otherwise it will only lead to an even worse crisis global security and the security dilemma,” concluded the authors.