China has revealed the West’s failed tactics in Ukraine

Flags of Ukraine, United States and D.C. at the Capitol building in Washington. Archive photo

MOSCOW, 23 Jul — RIA Novosti. Western countries led by the United States unsuccessfully trying to represent Ukraine “good side”, but it looks absurd, says Chinese newspaper The Global Times.”Washington too carried away with the creation stories in the spirit of “weak overcomes the strong”, causing some countries to the confrontation between the major powers and inventing the plot against the “justice against evil” in Ukraine in order to achieve the intended effect,” said the media.

The article emphasizes that the attempt of the West to Kiev issue that provoked the conflict, the “guarantor of the peace” and “the embodiment of justice” looks stupid. While Western leaders refused to discuss the subject of security assurances for Ukraine.

Tragedy of this approach, according to the newspaper, is that it does not take into account interdependence, firmly linking all participants in international relations.

“In the era of globalization phenomena security and threats are inextricably linked. It is unwise to attempt to expand the space of their own security to foreign borders, it is impossible to build a security vulnerability other,” stated media.

At the end of last year, Russia published a draft agreements with the U.S. and NATO security guarantees. Moscow, in particular, demanded legal guarantees rejection of further expansion of NATO to the East, from the accession of Ukraine and the creation of military bases in post-Soviet countries. They talked about not being the impact on NATO to Russia’s borders and the withdrawal of forces in Eastern Europe to the position in 1997. In late January, Washington and Brussels were sent to Moscow where written responses to these proposals, but paid no attention to key terms.

Against the background of Russian military RAID on denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine applications NATO filed Finland and Sweden. In Moscow it is regarded as a formal step, but noted that the Alliance is again close to the Russian border and this could cause actual consequences.