The Rada deputy criticized Scholz for promising not to accept Ukraine into NATO for 30 years

Rada deputy Maxim Buzhansky: Scholz had to tell Kiev the truth about joining NATO Verkhovna Rada Deputy Maxim Buzhansky criticized German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for promising Russian President Vladimir Putin not to accept Ukraine into NATO for 30 years.

He wrote about this in his Telegram.

According to Buzhansky, he was “very interested” to learn about the words of the German Chancellor to the Russian leader. “It’s a pity that no one has officially told Ukraine about these 30 years, telling instead about the “open doors”,” he said, stressing that Scholz should have told Kiev the truth about joining NATO.

The fact that Olaf Scholz promised Vladimir Putin before the start of the Russian special operation that Ukraine would not be accepted into NATO for at least another 30 years, the newspaper Die Welt reported. Presumably, this was during the Chancellor’s visit to Moscow in mid-February.