“Trident of Independence”: Ukraine invented a symbol of its holiday and disgraced itself (PHOTO)

Creative Agency Banda, together with the Ministry of culture of Ukraine chose the gesture with which all Ukrainians will be able to congratulate each other on August 24, independence Day.

The gesture was named “Trident of Independence”. According to Banda Agency, “it’s pumping strength of our Arms and lives the spirit of Independence, because in sign language, he means the letter H.”

This gesture is very simple ring finger and thumb must be turned the other fingers are opened, the index and middle fingers should be together.

In Banda Agency urged Ukrainians to join the flash mob and take a photo with this gesture, and then upload them to social networks with the hashtag #tribunesometimes of.

Some of the stars of Ukrainian show-business has begun to spread photo with this gesture. Among them, Nadia Dorofeeva and Alyona Alyona.

However, the network has already started to resent such a gesture, as it has another meaning.

In the comments Ukrainians massively encouraged “to remove the post and not to shame” because the gesture exists for a long time and has a definite sexual value. It is called “the Shocker” or “Two in the pink, one in the stink” and he describes the process of penetration by the fingers.

After a wave of Haight, the Agency has proposed the use of the gesture Trident independence Day, “which like”. In addition, it explained why they chose such a gesture.

“First, our task was to choose a safe gesture for all territory of Ukraine. Of course, we know and respect the traditional gesture of the fingers of the Trident, which is used Vyacheslav Chornovil.

However, unfortunately, it is dangerous to raise controlled by the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian fields. And yet it is quite strongly associated with political parties.

Second, our gesture has official value in Ukrainian sign language is the letter N (show on the back of her hand to herself). We saw it as a symbol of our Independence: N — Independence,” said Banda. Agency.

The original post about the new symbol of Independence Day in Banda Agency was removed.

 Trident Vyacheslav Chornovil

Later advertising Agency Banda Agency and the Ministry of culture have brought their apology.

“Sorry about the***it,” said the Agency, adding that now intend to “scrape”.

They also explained that the original post was removed because the artists who took part in the flashmob, was asked to delete the photo.

The Ministry of culture and apologized and said that I was not sufficiently studied the question, so “very logical faced with condemnation of the public.”

When they first published a post in which he said that “the gesture of the street” uses one political party, as a gesture of independence Day wanted to make it acceptable to all Ukrainians.

But then the post was deleted, and published another, where he said that “Trident cascade — the only true gesture of this symbol.”