FT: the German city was overwhelmed by a wave of anger over anti-Russian policy

Oil refinery and oil pipeline “Druzhba”. Archive photo

MOSCOW, 23 Jul — RIA Novosti. The German city of Schwedt, a wave of anger over the hasty embargo on oil from Russia, writes the correspondent of the Financial Times guy Chazan.

The author noted that the city is a large oil refinery, which is dependent on Russian supplies through the pipeline “Druzhba”. According to him, the townspeople fear the closure of the refinery due to the decision of the authorities. The mayor of Schwedt of Annekatrin Hoppe called it “a truly nightmare scenario”, explaining that it would lead to unemployment and problems with electricity supply.”Schwedt, a wave of anger after Germany agreed to the embargo. Some residents asked why the authorities had not followed the example of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which are also associated with “Friendship”, but he managed to get himself a temporary postponement, citing the lack of alternatives to Russian oil,” said Susan.

As told the newspaper living in this village Bundestag Deputy Jens Kappe, the citizens believe that they have become “pawns in someone else’s game”.”The sanctions, which in the end hurt you more meaningless. Oil embargo would hurt Russia — they’ll just sell it to someone else,” said local resident FT Ursula Putz.

After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Western countries have increased sanctions pressure on Russia. Germany and other EU countries together took a six pack of sanctions, including an embargo on the supply of coal and oil. Violation of supply chains has led to a rise in the price of fuel and food in Europe and the United States.

President Vladimir Putin said earlier that the policy of containment and the weakening of Russia — this is a long-term strategy of the West, and the sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the global economy. According to him, the main objective of the West to worsen the lives of millions of people.