Ukrainian refugees in Sweden complained about a small allowance

TV4: lack of benefits forces Ukrainian refugees in Sweden to return to their homeland Ukrainian refugees in Sweden do not have enough benefits for basic needs, which forces many of them to decide to return back to Ukraine.

This is reported by the Swedish TV channel TV4.

The report cites the words of a refugee from Chernihiv, who shared that they have to constantly collect bottles. “I feel like a poor person who has to go and beg, because I can’t go to work because my children don’t go to kindergarten. I feel very bad,” she complained.

As reported in the article, a Ukrainian woman living with two children in a shelter near Stockholm is given a sum of 71 Swedish kronor daily, and 43 kronor is relied on for each of the children. However, according to reporters, the allowance is not able to cover the costs of food, clothing, transport and medical care.

The TV channel said that Swedish benefits from the migration service have not been indexed since the 1990s. Some political parties are in favor of increased funding, but most still believe that able-bodied immigrants should work.

At the beginning of June this year, Poland announced the decision to cancel the daily allowance for refugees from Ukraine as a motivation for them to earn and provide for their needs independently. It was noted that disabled people, as well as pregnant and large women will continue to receive payments.