Bulgaria will inevitably discuss with Gazprom the resumption of gas supplies — DW

Bulgaria is considered “inevitable” the negotiations with Russia on gas. Reported by Deutsche Welle.

The publication writes that Bulgaria needs about three billion cubic meters of gas per year. Currently, Sofia receives a third of the necessary gas from Azerbaijan, and the rest buys in the global market.

The Minister of energy of the technical government of Bulgaria considers it necessary for the country to conduct negotiations with “Gazprom” on the resumption of gas supplies, which were interrupted in April.

Rosen Hristov did not say when the negotiations begin with the Russian monopoly, but stressed that they needed to Bulgaria with cheaper gas.

“In connection with the requirements of the industry and trade unions, negotiations with “Gazprom” on the resumption of gas supplies is inevitable,” Christ quoted by Reuters on Monday, August 22.

Bulgaria covers more than 90 percent of its needs at the expense of Russian gas, while Gazprom in April did not stop the supply in the country.

This happened because the former government in Sofia because of European sanctions refused to pay for gas in rubles, as demanded by Moscow.

Christ accused the former government of Prime Minister Kirill Petkov in the destabilization of relations with Moscow because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The situation with “Gazprom” is not rosy. We must now refer to them. The negotiations will be very tough,” he said.