It became known about the victims due to the shelling of the Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson

During the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from HIMARS Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson, 15 people were injured, the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) fired at Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson, as a result of the attack there are victims.

This became known to TASS from the message of local emergency services.

“At around 13 o’clock on August 22, in order to disrupt the restoration of the roadway, Ukrainian troops struck from American multiple rocket launchers (MLRS)] HIMARS at the place of repair work on the Antonovsky Bridge, ” said the representative of the emergency service.

According to him, at least 15 people were injured due to the shelling, all of them are civilian employees from the local repair and restoration brigade. “There are no losses among the persons providing the crossing of the population across the Dnieper, as well as citizens on the ferry,” he concluded.

Earlier it was reported that Russian servicemen organized a crossing of the Dnieper River at the Antonovsky Bridge, closed due to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was noted that the work was managed thanks to the pontoon ferry.

Antonovsky Bridge is an automobile and pedestrian bridge with a length of 1366 meters. It connects the suburb of Kherson with the town of Alyosha on the left bank.