The European Union is going to deploy large-scale training of the Ukrainian military

Евросоюз собирается развернуть масштабную подготовку украинских военных

The high representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Josep Borrell announced plans to begin a large-scale operation in the preparation of the Ukrainian military on the territory of Ukraine’s neighbouring countries.

This writes the newspaper The Telegraph.

According to Borrell, the proposal will be discussed at the two-day meeting of defense Ministers of the EU next week.

“It seems reasonable that the war that lasts and looks doomed to end, requires efforts not only from the perspective of supply of material. This is something that is discussed among the member States and will be discussed politically in the next week,” said the official.

Former foreign Minister of Spain said that the details of the operation on military training should be agreed by all member States of the EU after the meeting in Prague, which starts on Monday.

Speaking at a press conference in Santander Northern Spain, Borrell also said that several countries have already carried out a military training Ukrainian forces in accordance with bilateral agreements, adding: “I hope it will be approved. Of course, this is a great mission, I think it will be a big mission. Any mission should correspond to the level of conflict.”