Ukrainian refugees in Sweden are forced to collect banks and beg, — TV4

Украинские беженцы в Швеции вынуждены собирать банки и попрошайничать, — TV4

Ukrainian refugees in Sweden are unable to feed their families on a small allowance, many prefer to go back to Ukraine, said the report by the Swedish TV channel TV4.

“If we go anywhere, all the time collecting bottle, all the while with a carry bag. I feel like a poor person who has to go and beg, because I can’t go to work due to the fact that my kids don’t go to kindergarten. I feel very bad,” he told reporters Ukrainian immigrant.

The article says that the girl from Chernigov lives with her two children in a shelter for refugees in the city of Täby, near Stockholm. The state pays her daily allowance of 71 Swedish Krona (400 rubles — Approx. ed.) and 43 of the crown (240 rubles — Approx. ed.) for each child, but this is not enough for food, clothing, transportation and medical services, said the reporters.

Benefits in Sweden paid migration service, has remained unchanged since the 1990s, explained TV4. The government has power, advocating for increased funding, but also many opponents. According to the latter, those of immigrants who can work, must be employed.

According to the official the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees for the period 24 February-5 July with Ukraine went around 8.8 million people.