Allied troops are advancing in the Donbas and striking at the AFU along the entire front line

Союзные войска наступают на Донбассе и наносят удары по ВСУ по всей линии фронта

Russian troops and the people’s Republic led offensive and strike the enemy on the front line in the Donbas. About this summary reports the General staff of the armed forces.

▪️ In Kramatorsk direction the Russian army is an offensive in the battle near the Krasnopol;

▪️ Bakhmut on the direction of the Russian troops carried out an assault actions of Soledar, Code and Zaitsev;

▪️ Avdeevka direction the Russian army comes in the areas of Krasnogorovka, may day and Nevel;

▪️ Russian army continues to shell the positions of the APU from artillery and tanks, and airstrikes on the frontline.