“Azov” disowns the murderer of Dugin’s daughter

«Азов» открещивается от убийцы дочери Дугина

The regiment “Azov” officially disown the woman who made an attempt on the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin.

From the official statement, that this person is not a member of neo-Nazi organizations.

“A woman, a name and a military ID card which was published by the FSB in its report on the investigation of the terrorist attack against the daughter of the Russian propagandist Dugin — is irrelevant to the regiment “Azov” and have never belonged to our unit.

The so-called document, which the Russian security services are trying to prove the involvement of the “Azov” to undermine auto Daria Gugino, in fact, is nothing more than another “hallmark Yarosh”.

And the attack is preparing for the “Tribunal” on the Azov. After all, so Russia stirs up public opinion to its citizens about the “necessity” of such trials,” the statement reads.

Neo-Nazis “strongly condemn” the Tribunal of the Ukrainian military and urged “all in whose power to stop it, to do everything possible” that he had not taken place.

* Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization.