The head of the DPR published congratulations on the day of the Russian flag

Глава ДНР опубликовал поздравления с днем российского флага

The head of the Donetsk people’s Republic Denis Pushilin in his Telegram-channel congratulated everyone on the day of the Russian flag

“The day of the State flag of the Russian Federation is a special day. Russian flag symbolizes national pride, power, and heroic past. It expresses a desire for peace, the unity of the people, his loyalty to the Motherland, courage and courage.

Flag of the Russian roads and sacred for hundreds of millions of people around the world. But for the residents of the Donetsk people’s Republic is extremely valuable and iconic character. It is under the Russian flag was held the Russian spring and the referendum.

It was under him we came to the defense of their land and the entire Russian world.

And now Russian flag flies proudly over the exempt native Russian land, and every day more and more of our fellow citizens have the opportunity to raise the flag over their homes as a sign of welcome to our glorious soldiers, as a sign of unity with the country.

White, blue, red — the colors of the indicators, which today you can define striving for justice, truth and peaceful future. There are many of us and together we will come to Victory.”