Signs to bomb shelters will be placed in Sevastopol

В Севастополе разместят указатели к бомбоубежищам

In Sevastopol will appear pointers the way to city shelters, said the Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev, adding that the city is not in danger.

He noted that the citizens began to ask questions about the location of shelters and their condition, in connection with which the city government came to this decision.

“The main task of the enemy to sow panic, and we should not succumb to provocations. Sevastopol under the safe dome air defense. Because we still has a “yellow level” on the weekend, checked the condition of the shelters. Instructed everywhere to place the pointer of the location of the shelter. Mark basements signs with phone numbers and apartments where are the keys,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

“Let it be educational concern,” concluded Razvozhaev, noting that Sevastopol is under reliable protection, but “it is better to know where asylum.”

A number of shelters left over from the great Patriotic war, and some of them, in the event of nuclear war turned into a Museum, as “Underground Sevastopol” in the city center.

In the Network rumors about the possible introduction in the Crimea of martial law, official confirmation they have not received.