Ukrainian air defense near Kharkiv hacked: the sky is bare (VIDEO)

Украинская ПВО у Харькова взломана: небо оголено (ВИДЕО)

During the morning briefing, the Ministry of defense of Russia on the situation in the area of operation became aware of the operational success of the allied forces and the losses of the enemy.

Precision weapons the Russian aerospace forces in the village of Poltavka Zaporozhye region affected the control of the 102nd brigade of territorial defense. Destroyed to 30 nationalists and 14 units of military equipment.

The result of focused fire strike fighting positions of the 28th mechanized brigade near the village of Lupareve the Nikolaev area destroyed more than 50 nationalists and seven armoured vehicles and special vehicles.

Fire strikes on the positions of the 72nd mechanized brigade in the area of zaytsevo, the 112th brigade of territorial defense in the area of Donetsk and the 101st brigade of territorial defense in the area of Yakovlevka Donetsk people’s Republic killed 100 nationalists, two tanks and 15 cars.

The sky behind us

Ongoing strikes operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery military facilities on the territory of Ukraine.

For clock struck eight control points APU, as well as manpower and military equipment Mat 142 areas. Destroyed six warehouses missile and artillery weapons and ammunition near the village of Pervomaisky Mykolaiv region, Novoaleksandrovka, Kherson region, Zelenodolsk, Dnipropetrovsk region, Zvanivka, Slavic and Cherkasy, Donetsk people’s Republic.

In addition, in the area of the settlement Rogan, Kharkiv region destroyed radar guidance Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile system s-300, and in the area kurdyumovki Donetsk people’s Republic — launcher anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk-M1” and radar system counterbattery made in the USA.

Artillery works

In the framework of counter-suppressed: two platoons of the Ukrainian jet systems of volley fire “Grad” in the areas of the settlements Code (there are shelling of Gorlovka and the Russian Federation — approx. PB) and Soledar, three platoon guns “Giatsint-B” near the village of Serebryanka and Lighthouses in the Donetsk people’s Republic and Estuaries in the Nikolaev area, and two platoons of D-30 howitzers firing positions in the areas of the settlements Korobochkyne and Chuguev, Kharkov region.

Eight shells “Himars” destroyed in the air

Russian air defense systems shot down five Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the areas of the settlements Yehorivka, fertile steppe in the Donetsk people’s Republic, chkalove in the Kherson region and Dvorichne in Kharkiv region.

In addition, it destroyed in the air thirteen shells jet systems of volley fire, including eight rockets “Himars” in the center of Kakhovka, Kherson oblast.

Total score

Since the beginning of the special military operations destroyed: 267 aircraft, helicopters 148, 1790 unmanned aerial vehicles, 368 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4372 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, military vehicles 814 jet systems of volley fire, 3329 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 5016 units of special military vehicles.