Alexander Dugin made a statement about the death of his daughter

Александр Дугин выступил с заявлением о гибели своей дочери

Businessman Konstantin Malofeev at the request of Alexander Dugin published his statement is the first statement of the philosopher and public figure after the death of his daughter Daria.

“As you all know, in the attack, carried out by Ukrainian Nazi regime on 20 August, while returning from Moscow festival “Tradition” in my eyes, was brutally killed by the explosion, my daughter Daria Dugin.

She was beautiful Orthodox girl, patriot, posted by the expert of the Central channels, a philosopher. Her performances and reports were always deep, grounded and restrained. She never called for violence and war.

She was a rising star in the beginning of his career.

The enemies of Russia it mean, secretly murdered. But we, our people do not break even so unbearable blow. They wanted to crush our will bloody terror against the best and the most vulnerable among us. But they will not achieve their. Our hearts are hungry for not just revenge or retribution

It’s too small, not in Russian. We only need our Victory. On her altar laid her maiden life my daughter. So you win, please! We wanted to raise her smart and a hero. Even now she inspires sons of our Motherland on the deed,” said Alexander Dugin.

As reported by “Russian Spring”, FSB, today reported the murder Daria.