The third powerful jump in a day: the price of gas in Europe exceeded $ 3,000

Третий мощный скачок за день: цена на газ в Европе превысила 3 000 долларов

The price of gas in Europe have already exceeded $ 3,000 per thousand cubic meters. This is the third powerful price surge today.

During today’s trading, according to the London exchange ICE, the cost of fuel in the European market for the first time since March 8 has exceeded $ 3,000.

This is not the limit, the growth continues on the background of the decision on the suspension of supplies for three days on the “Nord stream” from 31 August to repair the unit.

On the hub TTF in the Netherlands, the cost of the September futures reached $ 3 024 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

The overall growth of the market open on Monday, August 22, amounted to almost 20%.

Meanwhile, the December futures already at the level of 3 $ 100.

Gazprom last week announced a complete shutdown of the supply on the “Nord stream” from August 31 to September 2 for repair work on the only remaining working gas pumping unit.

As reported by “Russian Spring”, the Deputy head of the security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev predicts the rising cost of fuel to 4 thousand dollars.