LIGHTNING: The Murder of Daria Dugina in Moscow region revealed

МОЛНИЯ: Убийство Дарьи Дугиной в Подмосковье раскрыто

Crime prepared and committed by the Ukrainian security services, said the FSB. The singer of the murder of Dugino — a citizen of Ukraine, who escaped after the crime in Estonia.

The murder are Ukrainian security services.


— Artist — a citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk, born in 1979

— She arrived in Russia on 23 July with her daughter Sophia Shaban

They rented an apartment in the house where she lived in Moscow Dugin

— To spy on a girl you used “Mini Cooper”. It was changed three times, the air — used license plates DNI, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

— The day of the crime Vovk and daughter came to the festival “Tradition”, and after a controlled detonation on August 21 went through Pskov to Estonia.