Prague and Ostrava will give Ukraine old trams and buses

Independence square in Kiev. Archive photo

The authorities of Prague and Ostrava (in the North-East of the Czech Republic) decided to give a number of Ukrainian cities, as part of their post-war reconstruction tens of trams and buses, already withdrawn from use and intended for sale, according to the Czech TV.

“In the 85-th Ukrainian city of Konotop now goes only one bus serving 18 lines. Solution manual transport company of Ostrava solved free of charge to send to the city 40 trams and seven diesel buses. These machines have already been withdrawn from use in Ostrava and were intended for sale. In turn, the Prague authorities decided in restoring normal life in the cities of Kharkiv Khmelnitsky free to give them 20 trams and 2 of the bus”, – stated in the message.

Dispatch technicians will do Czech NGOs and the management of these Ukrainian cities.

“We assume that the transmitted us the machine will be sent in the Ukrainian city in small batches, based on the current situation in these regions. I think that the first trams and buses could hit the road in the coming days or weeks,” – said the General Director of transport company of Prague, Petr Vitovsky.

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