Stremousov declared full control over the perimeter of the Kinburn Spit

Attack helicopters Ka-52. Archive photo

The entire perimeter of the Kinburn spit, where he tried to land the Ukrainian troops, can be seen and controlled by, the chance to go there, said the Deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov.

Stremousov earlier told RIA Novosti that about 120 of the Ukrainian military destroyed by allied troops while attempting landing on the Kinburn spit in the Nikolaev area.

“Attempt the landing was solely on the Kinburn spit, but all were repulsed, the chance to go to the Kherson region of the Nazis, no,” said Stremousov in the First channel.

According to him, Ukrainian troops, most likely, was landed from the Ochakov. “There’s a point, military bases, which remained from the Soviet Union. All but controlled the entire perimeter of the visible. Likely to come from the sea the Nazis, there is generally no”, – said Stremousov.