The EU was asked to help with the training of Ukrainian sappers and snipers

Bloomberg: Ukraine has asked the EU to help train sappers, snipers and officers, EU countries may offer Kiev their assistance with training snipers, sappers or officers during a possible training mission for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to an internal document of the foreign policy service of the European Union.

The agency points out that the Ukrainian authorities have made a corresponding request to the allies: it is claimed that Kiev needs help with the training of sappers and snipers, as well as medical training and military training of officers.

The document notes that after further approval of the AFU and consultations with partners, the association may include “one or more of the above-mentioned tasks” in the training mission program. According to the document, the training mission is considered as a temporary measure that can eventually be deployed on the territory of Ukraine, “if conditions allow and the members of the European Union decide so.”

It is assumed that the deployment of the mission may accelerate if one of the countries of the association allows the mission to be hosted.

Earlier it became known that the foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) intend to support the idea of suspending the simplified visa regime agreement with Russia. As European officials involved in the negotiations on this issue told FT, political support for such a decision will be expressed during a two-day meeting that will begin in the Czech capital on August 30.