Signs of the imminent collapse of the United States have become known

WT called the open door policy for migrants one of the signs of the imminent collapse of the United States, five signs indicate that the United States is heading for its imminent collapse.

This was written by The Washington Times columnist Don Feder.

The expert called the policy of open doors for migrants the first sign of America’s internal destruction, the second — impunity of criminals, the third — ridiculing of American values by the elites, the fourth — “support for barbarians living side by side” (we are talking about support for Latin American countries) and problems with demography.

“Civilization is not capable of self-healing. It requires work and will. In America, no one will work or show will,” Feder said. He accused his fellow citizens of not appreciating their own civilization, which took centuries for their ancestors to create.

Earlier, former US Vice President Mike Pence said that the weakness of the American state today “encourages” Russia and China. He also stressed that the current elites in the country are as far from the values of the United States as ever. “Our border is being besieged, our currency is losing value, energy independence has been squandered. The Socialist government has brought our great and growing economy to an abrupt halt,” the politician complained.