A curfew has been declared in Baghdad and troops have been deployed

A curfew has been declared in Baghdad and troops have been brought in due to Shiite protests. The Iraqi authorities have declared a curfew throughout Baghdad and brought troops into the city due to Shiite protests, which were caused by the statement of the famous Shiite religious figure Muqtada al-Sadr about his retirement from politics.

This was announced on Monday, August 29, by representatives of the Joint Operational Headquarters of the country, reports TASS.

“The Joint Operational Command announces a curfew in the capital Baghdad starting at 15:30 (the time coincides with Moscow — approx. “Tapes.) this Monday,” the headquarters said in a statement. It is reported that the protesters broke into the “green zone”, which houses government buildings and facilities.

The demonstrations began at the end of July after Muhammad al-Sudani, a representative of the Coordination Platform party representing Shiites in parliament, was nominated for the post of prime minister of the country. Supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr believe that he should be the only candidate for the post from the Shiites, so they continue to protest to this day.