In Turkey, the use of the S-300 by Greece against Turkish aircraft was considered reckless

Turkish Defense Minister Akar considered the use of the S-300 by Greece against the F-16 reckless. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar commented on the accusations made by Ankara against Greece due to the fact that the Greek military pointed the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) at the F-16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force.

His words are quoted by CNN Türk.

Discussing the incident, Akar considered the use of SAMs against fighters reckless. “This act of our bad neighbor needs to be noticed, understood and explained. Such recklessness is unacceptable,” the head of the Defense Ministry stressed.

The mentioned incident occurred on August 23. According to the Turkish authorities, the Greek side used S-300 systems to capture and escort Turkish fighters when they were west of Rhodes at an altitude of about three kilometers. In this regard, Ankara plans to raise the issue of Athens’ “hostile actions” against the country at the NATO level.

At the same time, the Newsbomb, citing sources, informed that the Greek Defense Ministry denied reports of the use of S-300s against Turkish F-16s.