Scholz called for the expansion of the European Union

German Chancellor Scholz stated the need to expand the EU at the expense of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for the expansion of the European Union (EU) by including Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia in the union.

This is reported by Reuters.

In his speech “Europe is our future”, the politician stated the need to “close ranks, resolve old conflicts and find new solutions.” He noted that Berlin will support Kiev “as long as it takes.”

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Europe is our future. And this future is in our hands,” he said, stressing Germany’s commitment to EU enlargement.

Rane Scholz, against the background of the future enlargement of the EU, proposed to abolish the right of veto in the European Union in a number of areas. He pointed out that in the case of the expansion of the union, the differences between the member countries in terms of political interests, economic influence and social security systems will grow. “Where unanimity is required today, the risk that an individual country will use the right of veto and prevent everyone else from moving forward increases with each new member state,” the politician said.