The bartender refused to serve the guest due to an unexpected request and was fired

Reddit: the bartender got the dismissal of a colleague who refused to serve a pregnant woman, a bar employee from the USA with the nickname No-Macaron-2957 said on Reddit that she got the dismissal of her colleague who refused to serve a pregnant woman.

Her story has collected more than a thousand comments, most users sided with the author.

According to the girl, she works as one of the main bartenders in one of the American establishments. One day, while No-Macaron-2957 was not present in the hall, her colleague named Annie told about how she was faced with an unexpected, in her opinion, request from a visitor. “This client was a pregnant woman. She wanted a glass of red wine, but Annie refused to serve her. In her opinion, we had to ask the guest to leave the institution,” the narrator noted.

After listening to a colleague’s story, No-Macaron-2957 herself served a pregnant woman a glass of wine. The author explained in the post that the refusal to serve a visitor who looks pregnant may threaten the institution with a lawsuit. However, when Annie saw what had happened, she criticized her colleague, calling her a bad person and a “child killer.”

Virgin Island.How thousands of people from the Internet wanted to create their own state, and Elon Musk was called for president on May 13, 2021″Over the next two weeks, Annie declared that I was a terrible person, that I would go to hell, that I was killing children and so on.

As a result, I got tired of it and I complained about it to the manager. This situation, coupled with her poor attitude to work and the fact that she was constantly taking time off from shifts, led to her being fired,” No—Macaron-2957 added. The narrator clarified that although she considers the behavior of a former colleague to be wrong, she feels guilty for her dismissal.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t get her fired. This management decided that this person was a bad employee,” “It seems that her dismissal is the culmination of a bad job, which led to her loss,” portal users said. Many of them also felt that No-Macaron-2957 did the right thing with the guest, and pointed out that many doctors allow pregnant women to drink one glass of wine a week.

Earlier, the manager shared in TikTok a way to force an employee to quit and caused the anger of users of the platform. Some of them accused the man of promoting illegal actions.