In Britain, they pointed to the divided West losing to Putin

The Telegraph: It is increasingly difficult for the West to maintain unity in the confrontation of Russiaganctions against Russia:

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Western countries to maintain unity in opposing Russia and supporting Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the columnist of the British newspaper The Telegraph Richard Kemp (Richard Kemp).

He pointed out that over the past two months, no EU member state has promised Kiev new material support. In addition, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrel acknowledged that maintaining the unity of the bloc is a “daily struggle,” Kemp added.

At the same time, the publicist said that constant assistance from the UK and Eastern Europe is not enough. He noted that European leaders now face an unenviable task — to convince their voters that the economic difficulties they are experiencing against the background of the imposition of sanctions against Russia is a price worth paying. If Ukraine fails to enlist the united support of the West, the main calculation of Russian President Vladimir Putin will be correct — his will to win is stronger than the will of the West to resist, predicted Kemp. On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special military operation in the Donbass.

Many Western countries have responded to this with harsh sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities. In addition, several dozen Western companies have left the Russian market.