It became known that the EU is ready to suspend the visa agreement with Russia

FT: The foreign ministers of the European Union will support the suspension of the visa agreement with Russia, the Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) will support the idea of suspending the visa facilitation agreement with Russia.

The Financial Times writes about this with reference to sources.

Three EU officials involved in the negotiations on this topic told the publication that political support for such a decision will be expressed during a two-day meeting that will begin in the Czech capital on August 30.

“It is inappropriate when Russian tourists walk around our cities, along our shores,” RBC quotes one of the interlocutors.

If the decision to suspend the current agreement is made, Russian citizens applying for a visa from EU member states will have to collect more documents, their consideration will take longer. In addition, the cost of submitting such an application will increase.

Earlier, a discussion broke out in the European Union about the issuance of Schengen visas to Russians after a number of statements by European politicians. Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas expressed the opinion that Russian tourists pose a threat to security, and Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called on the EU to cancel visas for Russians.

Greece, France and Germany disagreed with them.