For Ukrainian refugees in Britain, there is a threat to remain homeless

The Guardian: Ukrainian refugees may be left without housing in the UK Ukrainian refugees may be left without permanent housing in the UK, as the government is not going to create new support programs for them yet.

This is reported by The Guardian newspaper.

According to the publication, 50 thousand Ukrainians who have settled on British territory may already become homeless by the middle of 2023. It is clarified that the initiative “Homes for Ukrainians”, which has about 84 thousand people under its care, will soon cease to operate for refugees.

The figure of homeless refugees received by British analysts may increase the growth of inflation and the cost of housing. In addition, some British households have requested support from London, otherwise they will not be able to provide housing to Ukrainians.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who decided to resign, said that the coming months would be difficult for citizens, and energy bills would be staggering. The beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine has greatly affected the energy markets. At the same time, the former head of the Cabinet of Ministers is confident that “the Ukrainian people will win in this brutal arm wrestling.”