The US Congress accused Biden of a failure in the field of national security

The Congress called Biden’s presidency the biggest failure of national security. US President Joe Biden is responsible for the poorly organized withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of 13 American soldiers.

Mary Miller, a member of the American Congress, made such an accusation against the American leader.

She called Biden’s presidency the biggest national security failure in the country’s history. “I called for immediate oversight hearings on the improper management of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in addition to the impeachment of Biden and other senior Pentagon officials,” the politician said on Twitter.

Earlier, columnist Jack McFerrin, in an article for the American Thinker, said that US President Joe Biden’s penchant for unilateral actions and ignoring the opinions of professionals poses a danger to America and has already turned into a “monstrous” foreign policy disaster. According to the journalist, the fall of the Afghan government after the withdrawal of US troops from the country last year is one of the most convincing evidence of Biden’s egocentrism.