The condition for the start of hostilities in Taiwan is named

Sinologist Maslov allowed a military clash in Taiwan because of the independence referendum, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan:

The passage of American ships through the Taiwan Strait or the beginning of US exercises in the region will not provoke China to start hostilities. About this “Tape.” was told by the director of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Moscow State University Alexey Maslov. He also called the condition of a military clash in Taiwan.

The passage of ships of the US Navy through the Taiwan Strait is a continuation of the confrontation between Beijing and Washington after the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the Sinologist claims.

“The situation has rather not calmed down, as much as we are used to it, as well as the authorities of the People’s Republic of China. The main task after Pelosi’s visit was to make sure that Taiwan itself did not receive any more high—level delegations from the West. Because of this, very large and large-scale exercises were held, which, according to China, should be repeated regularly. This is more pressure not on the United States, but on Taiwan,” he explained.

The American ambassador accused Beijing of forming a crisis in relations with the United States on August 20, 2022, China’s response to such actions by the United States will not provoke China to a military response, Alexey Maslov is sure.

In his opinion, Beijing will act by other methods.

“A different tactic has been chosen for the United States, because China is well aware that such provocations around Taiwan will continue. The arrival of American ships is another attempt to show that the United States is in control of the situation, and China cannot give any decent response. Even in the future, when American ships pass through or in the case of exercises in this region, China will put its troops on alert, but at the same time it will absolutely simultaneously rebuild its economy in order to depend on the United States as little as possible now and create a new economic contour. Most likely, the BRICS countries, the SCO and so on will be involved here,” he said.

Here, China reacts in the form of firefighting, but not in the form of some strategic idea, Alex Maslov, Director of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Moscow State University, Military conflict, the beginning of hostilities Beijing may provoke Taipei’s steps, Maslov believes.

“Now China is unlikely to go for it. Within the framework of the Chinese doctrine, there are several options that can provoke real hostilities. Firstly, this is an attack from Taiwan, and secondly, this is a possible referendum on independence, which could potentially be held in Taiwan,” the political scientist concluded.

Earlier, the Chinese Armed Forces were put on high alert after the passage of US Navy cruisers through the Taiwan Strait. American ships entered these waters for the first time after the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

Pelosi visited the de facto independent island, which Beijing considers its territory, on August 2. This caused sharp criticism from the PRC.