Turkey accused Greece of aiming missiles at Turkish planes

CNN Turk: Greece pointed a missile from the S-300 system at Turkish military aircraft, Greece pointed a missile from the Russian S-300 air defense system at Turkish F-16 military aircraft.

This is reported by CNN Turrk with reference to the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic.

The target tracking and missile guidance radar of the S-300 system located in Crete recorded a surface-to-air missile on fighter jets at the time of the reconnaissance mission three kilometers west of the island of Rhodes.

And the whole sea of Maloturce challenges Europe. Why is Erdogan fomenting a conflict with Greece in the Mediterranean?On November 13, 2020, the Turkish Defense Ministry accused Greece of pursuing its F-16 fighter jets carrying out a NATO mission in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Sources in the defense ministry claim that Greek fighter jets blocked the F-16 with radars to prevent the departure of Turkish combat aircraft.

In turn, the Greek Foreign Ministry protested to Ankara in connection with the flights of Turkish F-16s in the Aegean Sea. Two pairs of Turkish F-16s entered the Athens Flight Information Area on the morning of August 23 without submitting a flight plan, thereby violating the national airspace.