Glucose reacted to daughter’s cuming-out

Singer Glucose said that she understood and supported her 15-year-old daughter Lida after the cuming—out, Russian singer Glucose (real name – Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova) shared her reaction to the cuming-out of her 15-year-old daughter Lida, who revealed her gender identity.

The singer shared her impressions in an interview with HELLO!

According to the singer, she calmly accepted her daughter’s confession that she is a non-ordinary person. The singer supported her, advising her to listen to herself. Glucose stated that the new generation is “about acceptance, about the fact that people can be different.”

“Lida said that she should not be attributed to something or someone specific, that she is a person of peace and love. I remember that at her age I wanted to be a boy: I was friends only with guys, ran around garages with them, hooliganized. Sometimes they belittled me a little for being a girl — then I was terribly offended. But I did not go and did not tell my mother, I was worried about myself. For a teenager, I think such statements are absolutely normal. There is no need to gasp and worry, you need to support,” Glucose said.

Earlier, American actress and pop singer Jennifer Lopez performed on stage with her child and announced his gender identity. The 52-year-old singer, speaking in Los Angeles, invited her 14-year-old daughter Emma to perform with her on stage. The star addressed the child with the gender-neutral pronoun “they”, which is used by non-binary persons.