Russians named the most beautiful men and women

SuperJob: Russians consider actors to be the most beautiful men and women. SuperJob conducted a study in which Russians named the most beautiful men and women.

The results of the survey, in which 1,600 people participated, are available to RIA Novosti.

Russians consider male actors (20 percent of respondents) and the military (8 percent) to be the most beautiful. 6 percent of respondents believe that attractive men are more common in the sports environment, 5 percent — in the medical field, 4 percent — in the fitness field and in the labor industry.

Two percent of Russians are sure that the most beautiful men work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Aviation. Among other professions, the respondents named barbers, bartenders, policemen, security guards, drivers, programmers, teachers, miners, lawyers and representatives of other fields. 7 percent believe that beautiful men work in every field.

A new “Miss Russia” has been selected.What is the most beautiful girl in the country interested in and who is equal to?July 26, 202223 percent of Russians believe that beautiful women are the most among actresses.

10 percent — among doctors, 9 percent — among flight attendants. 6 percent of respondents “are sure that secretaries are most often beautiful.”

Four percent of respondents see beautiful women among teachers, saleswomen and women working in beauty salons. Among other professions, Russians mentioned bloggers, accountants, athletes, waitresses, writers, cooks, psychologists, coaches, lawyers and so on. 13% of citizens believe that beautiful women are present in every sphere.