In France, they are thinking about introducing a tax on excess profits of large corporations

French Prime Minister Born: the authorities want to introduce a tax on excess profits for large corporations, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born said in an interview with Parisien newspaper that the country’s authorities are thinking about the possible introduction of a tax on excess profits for large corporations.

“First of all, I believe that companies that make super profits should ensure the purchasing power of the French. We continue to reduce taxes, and I’m not going to radically change my position to start taxing the entire business. On the other hand, I repeat, no one will understand if companies will make super profits when the French are concerned about their purchasing power,” she said.

According to her, specific financial measures taken by such companies to the population of the country will be much more useful than increasing tax revenues to the budget. She explained that one of the steps could be to increase the “purchasing power premium”, which would be paid without social contributions or taxes.

Earlier, Born promised that there would be no sharp jump in the cost of electricity in the country. She noted that in order to avoid a rise in the price of electricity, the country’s authorities plan to monitor how residents save it at home.