In the USA, they spoke about the third World War because of Ukraine

National Interest: The United States is afraid of Armageddon and will not take risks against Russia on UkraineConflict in Ukraine will not lead to World War III, said Jason W. Davidson, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington, analyst of the American magazine The National Interest (NI).

Many are afraid that US President Joe Biden’s policy in Ukraine is slipping into a “spiral of escalation” that could eventually lead to a world war, the author writes. The expert compared the current situation with the period of the First and Second World Wars and found reason for optimism. According to him, in the XX century, the growing perception of the threat pushed the United States to participate in the conflict.

“The only thing that overcame the reluctance of politicians to pay the costs associated with joining the war is the growing understanding that imperial Germany and Nazi Germany posed a threat to US interests,” the political scientist said.

The Belarusian national battalion has appeared as part of the AFU.Who joins it and why? On August 19, 2022, according to the expert, Moscow has not taken any significant actions in Ukraine that threaten the interests of the United States, so the United States has no reason to take risks.

He is confident that the United States will not act against Russia in Ukraine.

“Today, the war with Russia promises not just slaughter, but also Armageddon, and this requires an extraordinary level of caution, which, as we see, is manifested in the real concern of the American public and Congress about the risk of war with Russia,” he added.

According to Davidson, the American side should put pressure on Ukraine so that it does not use Western military assistance in ways that could provoke an escalation of the conflict.

Earlier, the US National Intelligence Service said that they did not see a “negotiated way” to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.