US Intelligence error about Russia’s Plans in Ukraine Named

National Interest reported that US intelligence was wrong about Russia’s plans for Ukraine. US intelligence had no clear idea about Russia’s plans in Ukraine, so it was forced to artificially inflate the threat.

This mistake was called by the journalist of The National Interest Ramzy Mardini (Ramzy Mardini).

The article reports that various scenarios of special operations were predicted, including coups in Ukrainian cities, provocations, chemical weapons and cyber attacks. All of them were based not on confirmed data, but on assumptions about probability.

“In addition to the beginning of the special operation itself, other threats and warnings have not been justified. Later, US officials admitted that the unfounded threats were part of the information war against Russia,” Mardini notes.

In his opinion, such “preemptive tactics” were disinformation, which led to the formation of a distorted view of Moscow’s political goals and ambitions.

Earlier, National Interest caught the US authorities lying about the situation in Ukraine. The article noted that the American side had been inflating the “threat” emanating from Russia from the very beginning of the Ukrainian conflict.