The condition for the termination of European aid to Ukraine has been named

The author of The Nation Dejevsky: the change of Britain’s position will destroy the unity of Europe in Ukraine. The coming winter will be a serious test for the UK, which supports arms supplies to Ukraine more actively than other European countries.

This was stated by columnist Mary Dejevsky in an article for The Nation.

The author of the material claims that there are a number of disagreements within the European Union on the issue of military support for Ukraine. Under the retired Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Britain adhered to the position of helping Kiev. At the same time, France, Germany and least of all Italy show less enthusiasm in this area. The journalist recalled that Europe was the first to use “energy weapons”, which leads to the question: “how long will the public put up with hardships for the sake of principle?”.

“This is a historic challenge”Europe is losing billions and suffering from rising prices: how long will it be able to help Ukraine?July 9, 2022the most active discussions about rising electricity prices are observed in Britain, where there is currently no fully functioning government, the author believes.

Dejevsky suggested that a change in the country’s position would destroy the unity of Europe on Ukraine. She called this circumstance a condition for the termination of aid to Kiev.

“The price of a policy that provides for military assistance to Ukraine and only minimal protection for the British from sky—high electricity costs in the coming winter and concomitant inflation may prove fatal for a government headed by a person who inevitably does not have the bright charisma of Boris Johnson,” the observer stressed.

Therefore, if Britain starts advocating for a diplomatic settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, it will destroy the “fragile European consensus”.

Earlier in Britain, they thought about measures to combat protests against the background of the energy crisis. At the same time, it is not specified exactly what actions the authorities intend to take.