Americans criticized Biden for his words on Twitter about “independent” Ukraine

Americans on Twitter condemned Biden for words about Ukraine “defending its democracy” Twitter users from the United States sharply condemned US President Joe Biden for calling Ukraine an “independent democratic” state.

The subject of criticism of users of the social network was the congratulation of the head of the White House on Twitter, dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine.

In his message, the head of the White House said that “the Ukrainian people inspired the world with their courage and dedication to freedom.” He also wrote that Washington is determined to continue to support Kiev “defending its sovereignty and democracy.” However, Biden’s words could not be appreciated by Americans.

“Why are you sending billions to this country when we are dealing with record inflation? The number of people left without a roof over their heads has reached an all-time high and continues to grow. Soon Americans will have to choose between paying for food and rent,” one of the participants in the discussion criticized Biden’s policy.

“There are Nazis in Ukraine, they have been a corrupt country for decades, and we are sending them billions, while many people are suffering here. This is ridiculous,” continued the user under the nickname @crus.

“Ukrainians gained independence and allowed the Nazis to flourish. They are not so independent,” an anonymous commentator supported him.

“If you think that Ukraine is at least a little close to democracy, you have no standards at all,” said another user of the social network.

“Independence Day? How is it? They are very much dependent on American taxpayers,” recalled @Chasin’8.

In addition, some users ironically offered to send Kiev more money so that the country’s leadership “could properly celebrate.” There were also Americans in the comments who expressed the hope that “the most failed president in the history of the United States” would soon resign.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden criticized the policy of the Republican Party of the country, calling it “semi-fascism.” In his speech at a campaign rally, he urged Americans to vote for Democrats in the congressional elections “to save democracy again.”