The ex-husband of Ksenia Borodina bought a new darling jewelry for millions of rubles

Businessman Kurban Omarov gave the new darling an ornament for nine million rubles The ex-husband of TV presenter Ksenia Borodina businessman Kurban Omarov gave the new darling an ornament for millions of rubles.

The corresponding videos appeared on his Instagram (a social network banned in the Russian Federation; owned by Meta Corporation, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned).

The man went with his beloved Valeria to Dagestan, where they visited a jewelry store together. So, Omarov demonstrated how he pays for a purchase worth nine million rubles: for 8.5 million he bought earrings with a 50 percent discount, and also indicated that he left another 500 thousand rubles in the boutique “for change.”

“Have I proved my love to you now? You realized how much I’ve been waiting for you,” the businessman said, addressing the girl.

In April, the host of the popular reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina publicly humiliated her ex-husband with the words “you are interested in my bed.” So, she said that Kurban Omarov’s ex-husband was discussing her personal life after the divorce, so she decided to answer him. According to the TV presenter, it is to her that he owes his popular Instagram account, which currently has 5.3 million subscribers. Borodina also noted that such ungrateful people who have become famous at the expense of others will not be lucky.