Vucic announced the continuation of the crisis in Kosovo

Serbian President Vucic said that the crisis in Kosovo continues and deepens The crisis in Kosovo continues and deepens.

This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, reports TASS.

He stressed that it is necessary to react peacefully so that “we are not blamed for the failure of the negotiations.” The President suggested that the crisis in Kosovo will not end until October 30.

“We have nowhere to retreat,” Vucic summed up.

Earlier, Vucic said that Europe is threatened by a cataclysm and a power outage due to the energy crisis around the world. “In Vienna, as far as I understand, business has been stopped since December-January, because electricity bills have increased fourfold. There will be a cataclysm,” the head of state predicted.

On August 22, Vucic recalled the termination of Russian oil exports to Serbia. This will happen on November 1 in connection with the sanctions adopted by the European Union against Moscow. “What are we going to do with electricity, oil? From November 1, there will be no Russian oil for us, we will be under sanctions,” he recalled.