The Russian Embassy responded with a picture to the La Repubblica article

The Russian Embassy responded with a picture of Vasya Lozhkin to the material of the newspaper La Repubblica, the Russian Embassy in Rome posted a collage based on Vasya Lozhkin’s painting after the material of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica appeared to a “GRU worker” who allegedly collected information in Italy.

Such a picture appeared in the Telegram channel of the embassy.

“Greetings from Kibalchish” with a “spy” plot was a response to an article in an Italian newspaper. The picture shows “Monsieur the Bad Guy”, and there is also a caption about La Repubblica and spies, which the publication reported in its material.

A recent newspaper article talked about Maria Adele, who allegedly spied in Italy. In the country, she worked “under the guise of a socialite and the owner of a jewelry store in Naples.” Adele kept in touch with NATO officers and then passed the information received to the GRU.