Zakharova revealed the essence of American diplomacy

Zakharova: The essence of American diplomacy is to inflame hotbeds of tension around the world. The activity of American diplomats abroad is to inflame hotbeds of tension around the world, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in her Telegram channel, commenting on an interview with US Ambassador to Japan Richard Emanuel.

According to Zakharova, the first point of the action program of US diplomats is the promotion of “commercial diplomacy”, the purpose of which is the desire to maximally sever the economic ties of “their satellites” with China. Such steps are also supported by coercion and threats.

“Emanuel does not hide how he is seeking a “serious change in thinking” among Japanese business leaders, the American proudly declares that the Japanese are already “ready to pay more to avoid sanctions and instability,” Zakharova said, stressing that in fact we are talking about blackmail, thanks to which multibillion-dollar Japanese investments in projects are attracted USA.

The third point is to encourage militarization and the emergence of new hotbeds of tension. Zakharova explained this by the behavior of Emanuel, who “strongly praises” the proposals of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to significantly increase the country’s defense budget, as well as its military potential. Instead of containing such “revanchist sentiments” of the Tokyo elite, Washington is openly pushing Japan to abandon restrictions in the military sphere.

“That’s all American “diplomacy” today: to initiate hotbeds of tension around the world, to represent the United States as a guarantor and an island of stability, to siphon critical resources and technologies from satellites, to substitute them for the first retaliatory strike,” Zakharova concluded.

Earlier, Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov said that “idiots” in the United States are leading the case to a nuclear war. So the senator commented on the video of an American streamer who wanted to “destroy” Russia in a nuclear war simulator, but could not find it on the globe and “attacked” the United States.