Vucic predicted the end of Europe because of the special operation in Ukraine

Serbian President Vucic said that Europe will not be able to withstand the crisis due to the special operation, Serbian President Alexander Vucic said that Europe will suffer very much because of the current situation in Ukraine.

The Serbian leader spoke about the end of the usual way of life in a televised address to the nation, TASS reports.

“The market will be canceled, everything will disappear. If the Russians are going to wage war like this slowly and slowly, and it will last a year or more, then next year there will be no one who would survive this in Europe, including us,” Vucic predicted.

Earlier, the Serbian leader had already predicted a cataclysm in Europe. According to him, Europe is threatened by a cataclysm and a power outage due to the energy crisis around the world.

Candidate of Political Sciences Stanislav Byshok in an interview with “Lenta.” stated that Vucic refuses to support sanctions against Russia because of a special military operation, because Moscow and Belgrade have friendly relations. However, if, because of this, the European Union wishes to deprive Serbia of the status of a candidate for membership in the union, Vucic may support some part of the anti-Russian sanctions.